Green Drake tied by Stanley Williams

Green Drake originated by Carrie Stevens and tied by Stanley Williams

Green Drake originated by Carrie Stevens and tied by Stanley Williams

Tied by: Stanley Williams
Originated by: Carrie G. Stevens

Green Drake Streamer Fly Pattern

Hook: Mustad 3907 B #2
Thread: White 8/0
Tag: Silver flat metal tinsel
Body: Orange silk floss
Rib: Silver flat metal tinsel
Belly: White goat hair
Throat: White goose hackle fiber
Under-wing: 4-6 peacock herls
Wing: 2 black hackles flanked by shorter green hackle
Shoulder: Gadwall flank feather
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black w/ orange band

Notes: I was surprised to find this elegant streamer in my mailbox earlier this week. It was an unexpected gift from Maine fly tyer Stanley Williams along with another Stevens pattern. While I’ve been tying the classics patterns of Carrie Stevens for years, I’ve never really made the attempt to recreate them as such, aside from tying a few in hand for the Carrie’s Challenge. Stanley has an eye for the details, and has taken extra step of using authentic materials rather than the convenience of modern ones.

Stanley’s Green Drake is built on a vintage Mustad 3907 B #2, a hook that while not an antique Alcock 1810, it is almost indistinguishable from the hooks Carrie Stevens tied on. It has an ideal wire thickness, 8xl length, bronze finish and a classic sproat bend. If you have ever tried tying with metal tinsel, you will know the frustration that can occur from an overplayed length. I’ve broken off many metal tinsels after spending time smoothing down a silk floss body, and I commend the few tyers who use it regularly on their streamers.

Like Carrie Stevens, Stan likes to take advantage of locally available materials. The throat on this streamer is tied using feather fibers from a wild goose that was harvested in Maine. The fly is rounded out with a goat hair belly, a material that isn’t common to see in 2016, but was a common element in flies tied by Carrie Stevens.

The fly came framed and will find a space on my fly tying room wall along side some other notable streamers.

Thanks Stan.

You can see more of Stanley’s work on his Facebook page Stan’s Streamers.

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5 Responses to Green Drake tied by Stanley Williams

  1. KenFisher says:

    So cool, I will try this tomorrow for this weekend trip. 🙂

  2. I will try this beautiful green drake mr steven I hope the result will be ok, thanks to share your talent

    • Stanley W. Williams says:

      Thanks you for the compliment! I hope you do tie one of these and I sure it will be better than ok!

  3. Hard to go wrong with a Carrie Stevens pattern, beautifully executed.

    • Stanley W. Williams says:

      Thank you very much! I think I have kind of planed off some after my first year, this is the start of the third year back in the saddle since I was a kid. I love tying so much and just can’t wait to see one or both of my daughters tying someday (9m and 3 1/2yrs) meanwhile the oldest has a long feather trying to tickle her little sister 🙂

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