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A while back, I sent a bunch of streamer hooks from my collection over to Håvard Eide, the man behind If you have not checked out the site before, I recommend browsing the vast collection of hooks that Håvard has amassed over the years. The site features 30 brands of hooks thus far with close to 600 hook models represented. Here is a sample below of the Mike Martinek streamer hook.

Gaelic Supreme: Mike Martinek Carrie Stevens Rangeley streamer hook 10xl #1 on

Gaelic Supreme: Mike Martinek Carrie Stevens Rangeley streamer hook 10xl #1 on

While I do have a small streamer hook specific reference on the site here, I really love the project Håvard has put together. The hooks he includes on the site have a number of attributes measured and presented for each model and size. Each hook has measurements for the length, wire thickness, eye width, shank length, gape and throat. This makes it easy to compare hook models or hook sizes. The reference also lists attributes for the hooks. These include things like the color, barb and bend. Also included is a listing for similar hooks.

Håvard cross references the hooks with his partner site Patterns with the listed hooks are linked from the hook profile page. The site is still young, but I hope to see more patterns listed down the road.

He is always looking for new hooks to add to the archive. In particular new models of hooks and any gapes in sizes. If you can spare 2 hooks in a model/size and they do not appear on the site, consider donating them to the archive. The more hooks that have been catalogued, the better. It will be an invaluable tool for fly tyers in the years to come. Just use the feedback form on the site here to get in touch.

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