Tying the Edson Dark Tiger Bucktail Streamer

The Edson Dark Tiger is a pattern developed by Bill Edson of Portland, Maine. The bucktail streamer is great for the NE landlocked salmon, brook trout, bass and other game species. The streamer is tied on a long 5xl hook with Edson’s signature gold metal cheeks otherwise known as Edson Eyes. If you are unable to find these eyes, a small jungle cock nail tied in short is a good substitute.

The Edson Dark Tiger is a companion fly to the Edson Light Tiger. These 2 patterns were inspired by the Dick’s Killer Bucktail fly pattern designed by Dick Eastman of Groveton, NH.

Edson Dark Tiger Bucktail Streamer Recipe

Hook: Mustad L87 #2-8
Thread: Yellow 6/0
Tail: Yellow Schlappen
Body: Yellow chenille
Wing: Brown section of yellow dyed bucktail
Throat: Red schlappen
Eyes: Edson eye or jungle cock nail
Head: Yellow

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