Tying Carrie Stevens’ Shang’s Special

Shang’s Special is one of 3 streamer patterns named in honor of Charles E. Wheeler by Mrs. Stevens. I’ve put together a tutorial on how I tie this streamer including how I assemble the wing. This is a unique streamer in that the wing is made from a large jungle cock nail rather than a hackle. Hope that you like this and I hope to bring more down the road.

Shang’s Special Rangeley Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer 6xl
Thread: Black
body: Flat silver tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Underwing: 6 strands peacock herl
Wing: 2 complete jungle cock nails
Shoulder: Red hen or duck
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Red (red with black band)

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4 Responses to Tying Carrie Stevens’ Shang’s Special

  1. Barry Stokes says:

    Thanks for posting this Darren, always informative to see how accomplished tiers go about doing the different procedures.

    • pacres says:

      Thanks Barry. I’m sure we all put our own flair into the streamers but like you, I enjoy seeing how everyone else does it.

  2. Jim Bennett says:

    Beautiful pattern love the wing

    • pacres says:

      Thanks Jim. It is a fun pattern to tie and a bit of a departure from the hackle winged streamers I normally tie.

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