Golden pinner by Tom Banks

Tom Bank's Golden Pinner Featherwing Streamer Fly pattern

Tom Bank’s Golden Pinner Streamer Fly

Tom is a New England fly tyer and angler who loves to fish the big lakes of Maine and New Hampshire. He’s been tying flies for over 35 years and has found a calling in his streamer designs. The Golden Pinner uses the beautiful and lesser-used jungle fowl spears.

Tom Banks’s Golden Pinner Streamer Fly Pattern
Hook: Partridge CS15
Thread: White 6/0 (underbody) Black 6/0 (head)
Tag: Silver oval tinsel small
Body: Rust Floss (UNI)
Ribbing: Gold oval tinsel medium
Belly: Golden pheasant crest
Throat: Badger hen dyed salmon
Wing: 4 black hackles
Shoulder: Jungle fowl spear
Eye: Jungle fowl nail
Head: Black

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