Songo Smelt Bucktail Fly Tying Pattern

The Songo Smelt is a sweet little bucktail perfect for casting out in search of cruising landlocked salmon, brook trout and bass. The fly gets its name from the Songo River in Maine, a short river that flows into Sebago Lake. This was the catch location of a record-setting salmon of 22lbs 8oz back in 1907.

There are a couple of variations for the pattern, one being the addition of peacock herl to the top of the wing. The other noted variation being a green (emerald) tinsel body in place of the silver. Of course, you can make some of your own changes to the pattern, adding a different colored body with a contrasting rib might be just the ticket needed to land the next record in your neck of the woods.

Songo Smelt Bucktail Fly Pattern

Hook: Mustad 3665a or similar 4-6xl
Thread: Black 210 FWN & 70d
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Ribbing: Silver oval tinsel
Wing: White, blue, and chartreuse bucktail
Flash: 1-2 strands pearl crystal flash
Eyes: Jungle fowl nails or painted eyes
Head: Black

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Songo Smelt Bucktail streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Songo Smelt Bucktail Fly Pattern Recipe

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