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Davie McPhail, Don Bastian and Wendell Folkins

Davie McPhail ties up an interesting freestyle pattern. Hook: Partridge streamer size #2/0 Thread: Utc Flo-Fire Orange, Uni-Black 8/0 Tag: Silver Braid Rib: Silver Braid Body: Uni-Yarn Chinese Red Throat: White Bucktail an Golden Pheasant Crest Wing: Silver and Dyed … Continue reading

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Carrie Stevens Rangeley Streamer Salmon Fly Collection by Wendell Folkins

There have been a few lots of Wendell Folkins streamers posted up on Ebay over the past couple months, and this latest one is the largest. I believe this is from Paul Schmookler’s (Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials,Forgotten Flies)collection, … Continue reading

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10 lot of Wendell Folkins Streamers

10 Wendell Folkins Streamers A cool little collection of Wendell Folkins streamers. Includes – Green Hornet, Pink Lady, Golden Witch, Red Streak, Grey Ghost, Shang’s Special, Allie’s Favorite, Green Beauty, Silver Doctor and one I can’t identify.

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