Charlie Mann

Charlie Mann

Charlie Mann

Charlie’s Streamers

The Maine Game Warden Streamer - Charlie Mann

#13 The Maine Game Warden Streamer - Charlie Mann

#110 Footer's Special - Charlie Mann and Don Bastian

#110 Footer's Special - Charlie Mann and Don Bastian

#247 Senator Kilkelly - Charlie Mann

#247 Senator Kilkelly – Charlie Mann

#79-2013 Champlain Jane - Charlie Mann

#79-2013 Champlain Jane – Charlie Mann

Charlie’s Biography

I started tying fly’s after receiving a fly tying kit for Christmas in 1960, while stationed in Thule, Greenland. I’m self taught an have been tying for over 50 years. During the 50 years of tying I have tried to specialize in tying tandem and single hook streamers. Also I have developed a passion for tying Atlantic style salmon hair-wings. This has been a wonderful relaxing hobby for me. I have designed several streamer patterns, and many hair-wing patterns. Several of my fly’s have been published in major fly tying books, and in Fly Tyer magazine. I am starting to slow down when I turned 80, but I will continue as long as I can.


15 Responses to Charlie Mann

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  3. Jeff Smith says:

    Hi Charlie,
    That Footer’s Special looks very cool indeed.
    I’ll have to try it around here. Walleye season opens in a couple weeks…

  4. Dave Hilton says:

    Charlie, you and I are in the same boat. I also started tying back in the 60’s. My mother-in-law lived in Dennysville Maine. My first fly was the green cosseboom. Fly tying has been very relaxing over then years. I spend about an hour at the desk. I love tying trout flies streamers and nymphs mostly. I am from West Michigan…

  5. Joel Stansbury says:

    Charlie, do you have an e-mail address or website where I can contact you? I would love to see some of your hairwing salmon flies.
    Cheers, joel

    • Charles Mann says:

      I do not have a web site. I tie for a special orders once in a while. I am slowing done, because of my age (80).

      My email address is :

      My address is :
      345 Main Street
      Winthrop, Maine 04364
      Tele: 207 377 2108

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  7. Jeff Smith says:

    Awesome fly. If you have more flies to be posted, you’re not slowing down!

  8. Dave Lomasney says:

    I have alway’s admired that fly. What a great tribute to the warden service.

  9. Bill Mast says:

    Nice work. Might even work in Vermont if the water ever thaws!

  10. Joel Stansbury says:

    Charlie, You are an outstanding example for the rest of us younguns. I hope you can tie for another decade!
    P.S. Beautiful creation!

  11. Barry Phillips says:

    That sir is one real nice looking fly,thanks for sharing

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  13. David Mac says:

    Charlie, you look great behind that vise. Your Maine Game Warden streamer is one of my favorites. I look forward to seeing some of your other creations as well as stopping by for a visit in the near future 🙂

    • pacres says:

      It really is a wonderful fly. I just recieved several of Charlies flies and will be including them in the project. 🙂 Thanks Charlie, it’s an honor to have your streamers included.

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