Chris Del Plato

Chris Del Plato

Chris Del Plato

Chris’s Streamers

#24 Silver Darter - Chris Del Plato

#24 Silver Darter - Chris Del Plato

#41 Dunc's Special - Chris Del Plato

#41 Dunc's Special - Chris Del Plato (Photo: Chris Del Plato)

Chris’s Biography

Chris Del Plato is a streamer fly specialist living northwestern New Jersey with his wife and three daughters. Early fly fishing successes using streamers and bucktails sparked his interest in them and once he began tying his own flies, they quickly became his focus and passion. He has spent the better part of 20 years studying the history of the long fly, the styles, patterns and originators like Stevens, Oatman, Fulsher, Edson and Welch. Chris is a member of the Whiting Farms Pro Team, Catskill Fly Tyers Guild, American Museum of Fly Fishing and Trout Unlimited. Constantly compiling information on his streamer-hero Lew Oatman, he has contributed original research for several books related to the history of streamer flies, most recently in ‘Tandem Streamers’ by Donald Wilson and an upcoming biography on Maine Guide, Taxidermist, Artist and Fly Tyer Herb Welch by Graydon Hilyard. His articles have appeared in Hatches Magazine and as staff contributor for the Global Fly Fisher ( ). Additionally, Chris oversees the website and moderates The Streamer List ( The Streamer List ) – the internet’s longest-running group devoted to tying, fishing and history of streamer flies. When not huddled over his vise or prowling wild trout streams, you might find him cheering on his beloved New Jersey Devils, sipping red wine or craft beer, scanning the night sky, splitting firewood, geocaching or sending morse code.
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  3. Barry Phillips says:

    this is one real nice pattern Chris

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