Cory Koenig

Cory Koenig

Cory Koenig

Cory’s Streamers

#87 hilton Boss - Cory Koenig

#87 hilton Boss - Cory Koenig

#149 Coho Blue-zer - Cory Koenig

#149 Coho Blue-zer - Cory Koenig

Cory’s Biography

I was born in Kelowna, British Columbia and raised there until the age of 5, absorbing the most awesome art of fly tying from my father and grandfather. I soon found that my passion was tying flies that fooled any fish… in any waters. Using creations to imitate a certian fly, bug or invertibrae to distract Mission Creek bound sockeye and trout species in every S.E.K.I.D. pond above the massive Okanagan Lake, brought me pleasure and calmed me in a way that nothing does to this day.

After moving to Smithers, B.C. I found that a whole different group of larger flies are used to catch much larger trout, salmon and ocean swimmers! I……was hooked! I have been tying flies for most of my life, and having a huge passion to help people catch fish, I realized that my fly tying talents could make my dreams come true, thus far they have.

Taking part in many creel surveys, I eductated myself of how many seasonal anglers actually come to Smithers B.C., just to have a chance at casting to or catching a steelhead or salmon. There I was, firmly gripping a feisty steelheads’ caudle in the cold Bulkley River for a non-resident, just so they could take home a photo… and have a MEMORY of a LIFETIME. This made me realize what many global anglers already knew, that brought them to my backyard to touch, see and hopefully hold the elusive steelhead.

I have tied FLIES for some awesome anglers, guides, and television hosts that include Billy Labonte of Spatsizi Wilderness Vacations, Henry Waszczuk of Fins and Skins Media Group, the Silver Hilton Steelhead Lodge, Mark Pendlington of Sportfishing BC, Gary Cooper of Nice Fish, Mike Mitchell of BC Outdoors magazine and numerous anglers around the world. Tying and fishing, creating and testing my patterns was my daily routine for years and still is. I always make sure that I have enough money to buy the last copy of B.C. Outdoors or Field and Stream magazines (to keep the invention ideas sharp!).

To date, I have also dedicated 14 years in environmental, salmon hatchery, fisheries and community involvement programs, all providing me with many valuable experiences related to fishing and fly tying.

“Anchored for life in Smithers B.C. tying flies for most species that swim around the world is my passion”.

“A master fly tyer never mentions that he is one, nor thinks that he is, but is mentioned as one and thought of one by his piers, family and friends”.

You can check out Cory’s site and his broad range of flies at


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