Deryn LaCombe

Deryn LaCombe

Deryn LaCombe

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Deryn LaCombe Streamer Collection 2014

Deryn LaCombe Streamer Collection 2014

Deryn’s Biography

Deryn has been seated behind a vise tying streamer flies for over 35 years. After accidentally shooting himself in the foot in 1978 while target shooting on a fishing trip, and oblivious to the impact it would have on defining his life and who he would become, he became the proud recipient of a fly tying kit from an aunt and uncle as a get-well gift.

Born and initially raised in Massachusetts, his family and roots are firmly planted in Maine. Some of his fondest memories are of fishing Moosehead Lake and its surrounding waters with his father and uncles and where the streamer fly still remains king to this day.

Entirely self-taught in the days before the internet when fly tying resources were limited, Deryn learned to tie Gray Ghosts and Hornbergs by cutting apart and reverse-engineering flies. It wasn’t until he purchased the “Eastern Streamers” booklet directly from the late Dick Frost at a sportsmans show in Augusta, ME sometime around 1983 that he really started to focus on tying streamers. He counts other streamer tyers Mike Martinek, Lew Oatman, Bob Upham, Keith Fulsher, and Bert Quimby among his influences and believes in tying flies true to their originators design and intent. Believing that there really isn’t anything new under the sun, his own tying style is an attempt to distill the very best of the generations of tiers who have gone before him. When developing his own fly patterns Deryn leans towards putting “Just Enough” components into a new fly to make it effective and no more.

A student of the art, Deryn has a strong interest in preserving, documenting, and passing along the history of fly patterns, specifically streamers and regional Maine flies, so that they are not lost to the ages.

Currently stationed in Connecticut with his wife and daughter due to his active service in the U.S. Navy, he has tied flies for several lodges in Maine and currently sells flies through custom orders via his website where he focuses on providing patterns that are not commonly available. Upon retiring from the Navy, he intends to open a small fly shop in the Bangor, Maine area and guide other fishermen on the waters he loves.


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