Don Bastian

Don Bastian

Don Bastian

Don’s Streamers

#1 Black Ghost - Don Bastian

#1 Black Ghost - Don Bastian

#20 Supervisor - Don Bastian

#20 Supervisor - Don Bastian

#32 Grey Ghost - Don Bastian

#32 Grey Ghost - Don Bastian

#110 Footer's Special - Charlie Mann and Don Bastian

#110 Footer's Special - Charlie Mann and Don Bastian

#162 Barnes Special - Don Bastian

#162 Barnes Special - Don Bastian

#203 Colonel Bates - Don Bastian

#203 Colonel Bates – Don Bastian

#226 Charles E. Wheeler - Don Bastian

#226 Charles E. Wheeler – Don Bastian

#252 BYR Smelt - Don Bastian

#252 BYR Smelt – Don Bastian

#268 High Roller - Don Bastian

#268 High Roller – Don Bastian

#290 Grizzly Orange - Don Bastian

#290 Grizzly Orange – Don Bastian

#345 Jungle Queen - Don Bastian

#345 Jungle Queen – Don Bastian

#362 Ace of Spades - Don Bastian

#362 Ace of Spades – Don Bastian

Don’s Biography

Don was born and has lived in Pennsylvania all his life. He started fishing at about the same time he learned to walk. He has been tying flies and fly fishing since 1964. He has taught fly tying classes since 1987, has 16 years guiding experience, and has been operating his business, Bastian’s Angling Specialties since 1983.

His passion for fly fishing has taken him to waters in Canada, Maine, England, Montana, Wyoming, and New York, but most of Don’s fly fishing experience has been accumulated on the waters in his home state of Pennsylvania. He enjoys fishing and tying flies for trout, land-locked salmon, small and largemouth bass, panfish, steelhead, pike, and has caught salt-water species of striped bass, shad,
and bluefish.

He is the author of three fly tying DVD’s, Tying Classic Wet Flies, Advanced Classic Wet Flies, and Traditional Streamers and Bucktails. Many of Don’s classic wet flies and streamers are featured in many well known publications:

  • Art of Angling Journal, published by Complete Sportsman.
  • Forgotten Flies – approximately 765 flies published
  • Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials – Volume II – Fifteen classic wet fly patterns from Trout by Ray Bergman, are included in the book.
  • Hatches Magazine Online – The Ray Bergman Collection, upon completion will feature 483 classic wet fly patterns with updated recipes, tied and photographed by Don.
  • Fly Tyers of the World, Vol.IV – Don’s fly tying talent is included in the upcoming volume four in this exquisite five-volume set.

Don has reproduced the entire set of wet fly patterns, totaling 483, from Trout and other books by Ray Bergman four times. He has two daughters and four grandsons, who one day, will hopefully all become fly tyers.

You can see Don’s profile and pick up a few of his classic wet gems and visit Don’s blog, Don Bastian Wet Flies.


22 Responses to Don Bastian

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  10. Joel Stansbury says:

    Don, great job on all your flies, especially the heads. You are a excellent example for everyone on this group.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Joel;
      Thank you very much for your compliment on my work, and for noticing the heads. Something I’m particular about, and it’s nice that you noticed. Thank you very much for your kind words!

  11. Kelly L says:

    Don, that Footer’s Special was a great looking fly. You did a fantastic job on it!

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  13. Barry Phillips says:

    nice job Don on a beautiful old classic fly

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Barry;
      I am very pleased that you liked my Gray Ghost. Tying this pattern is kind of like a singer doing Frank Sinatra in a karaoke bar…thank you for your comment! I appreciate it very much! Sorry my comment is so late, I just discovered that there are comments on this site…cheers!

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  16. Very nice Black Ghost Don. This is one of my favourite patterns to tie as a hairwing.

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Loretta;
      Thank you for your comment on my Black Ghost! Sorry I’m so tardy but I just realized that there are comments here…I am glad you liked my Black Ghost. It’s also great as a marabou pattern.

  17. mike williams says:

    Hi Don, Caught your bio on streamers 365 and realized you were a Pennsylvania native as well. I moved back to Pa about 3 years ago after living and guiding out west. I spend almost every moment I can chasing Musky with big streamers in the Susquehanna River. Do you still guide here in Pa?

    • Don Bastian says:

      Hi Mike;
      Sorry that my reply is so late, but I just now realized, after half the year is over, that there were comments here. I appreciate your contact. I am not guiding presently. I wanted to get licensed this year but haven’t yet. I still want to so hoping for next year. Have to sort some things out…take care!
      PS: Only musky I ever caught, I hooked accidentally on a Wooly Bugger. He took the fly, but I got ‘im right in the tip of the snout or he’d have broken me off.

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