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Born in Brockville ON, the son of an RCMP officer. Because of Dad’s work, we moved every 6-7 years. Digby NS, Amherst NS, Cardigan PEI & Truro NS were all whistlestops on my fishing journey. A short stint in Sackville NB as well. Living in these places has afforded me the privilege of fishing some of the best waters in Atlantic Canada, and meeting some of the finest people anywhere.

I started fishing on my 5th birthday, receiving a spincast rod as a gift. Fishing off the Digby wharf brought in all kinds of different fish. After moving to Amherst a few years later, Dad & I were fishing a creek outside town when I spotted a guy with a flyrod who was not only catching fish, but outfishing me with worms 10-1. The seed was planted. A few months later after moving to Cardigan PEI, I received a 7wt flyrod for my 14th birthday. I was planning a day of salmon fishing with a friend the following week, so I placed a very specific order of flies with the local sport shop owner. The owner balked at the order as he thought “What does a 15 yr old kid know, anyway?”. I was mad enough that I went out shortly afterwards and bought my first set of tying gear and feathers. I already sold bait and tackle out of my parents garage, and the flies were added as well.

My first Atlantic salmon came to a Green Machine that I had picked out of a tree a few minutes earlier at Indian Bridge on the Morell river in PEI. My best day of fishing was four years ago when I hit a wave of sea run brook trout dead on, catching over 140 on the same fly before it completely fell apart. My fave hooks to tie on have to be Partridge Bartleet salmon irons, as the look and flow of the hooks match the regalness of the target, Atlantic Salmon.

My influences over the years are varied, from the late Dick Surette (whom I met in 1989), Ron Alcott, Davie McPhail, Carrie Stevens, Jerome Molloy, and Warren Duncan.

Classic salmon flies & Rangeley streamers have a special place in my heart. I tied full dress flies for a few years, donating most to fundraising dinners. I still tie and use Rangeley streamers for early season trout and landlocked salmon. The flow and architecture of these flies get them to swim just so, is amazing in it’s own right.


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