Jim Malo

Jim Malo
Jim Malo

Jim’s Streamers

#309 Webster Lake Surprise - Jim Malo
#309 Webster Lake Surprise – Jim Malo
#331 Quabbin Delight - Jim Malo
#331 Quabbin Delight – Jim Malo
#343 Northern Delight - Jim Malo
#343 Northern Delight – Jim Malo
#7-2013 Swift River Esquire - Jim Malo
#7-2013 Swift River Esquire – Jim Malo
#45-2013 Sebago Supreme - Jim Malo
#45-2013 Sebago Supreme – Jim Malo
#70-2013 Sebago Supreme - Jim Malo
#70-2013 Sebago Supreme – Jim Malo
Jim Malo Streamer Collection 2014
Jim Malo Streamer Collection 2014

Jim’s Biography
Jim began tying flies back in the 1950’s during the long winter seasons.

Whenever there was a big snow storm, Jim would tie until the wee hours of the morning as it was certain to have no school that day.

Dry flies were the order of the day and those Bass were going to be on guard as the bugs often attracted eight pounders in Lake Choggagoggmanchoggagoggchabunagunagogg; commonly known as (Webster Lake).

Then early in April, Jim made the trek to Worcester’s Greenwood Street; too Paul Kukonen’s fly shop. This was a blessing in disguise, as Paul actually sat and taught Jim the proper sequence in the tying process. From then on, the rest was history, and the beautiful dry flies and streamers made their way onto the waters of Maine and Massachusetts.

Then came a challenge, Jim was introduced to the Classic Salmon patterns; and met Steve Cullen who brought Jim into the fold of the precision tiers. Next stop, Rangeley Maine. Jim was a guide in Maine for 20 years and the customers were very happy as they landed great salmon and nice trout as well.

With all this knowledge and expertise in the realm of creating exceptional flies; Jim did not let this fall by the wayside. Passing on his knowledge and expertise to others has long been part of his tutelage. Classes have been given in the schools and recently at Mass Wildlife headquarters; a first for that location. Classes were full and the students were very happy and are already looking forward to next seasons classes.

Jim is presently on the Pro Staff of Daiichi Hooks, Dr. Slick Tools and Regal Vise.



  1. Mr. Malo. Just read an article in Eastern FF, Mar/Apr and thought you might help with some info..Recently acquired some Bert Quimby streamers and with these signed flies were many other streamers, eg. “Yorks Kennebago”, “Bonbright”Ross McKenney”, “Chief Needabeh” and others on cards which read “Genuine ‘Irresistible’ Lures”. I’m certain that these flies are from the 1950’s but am trying to determine the origin of the “Genuine Irresistible Lure” packaging. Any info you can provide appreciated. Thanks in advance…. Tim O’Grady

    1. Hi Tim

      Congrats on getting some Bert Quimby streamers. They are getting harder and harder to come by all the time. I’m not sure of the origins of the “Genuine ‘Irresistible’ Lures”, but the patterns are popular Northestern ones. If you can get a couple pictures, I’d suggest posting them up on http://streamerlist.com as the site has lots of regulars who may know about that particular brand of streamers. Thanks for the post.

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