Kelly Lovelady

Kelly Lovelady

Kelly Lovelady

Kelly’s Streamers

#49 Charmed Witch - Kelly Lovelady

#49 Charmed Witch - Kelly Lovelady

#236 Zebulon Streamer - Kelly Lovelady

#236 Zebulon Streamer – Kelly Lovelady

#364 David Mac - Kelly Lovelady

#364 David Mac – Kelly Lovelady

#41-2013 Strawberry Blonde - Kelly Lovelady

#41-2013 Strawberry Blonde – Kelly Lovelady

Kelly’s Biography

I was born and raised in Northeast Texas. I have had a love of fishing my whole life. I remember being a very small child, and fishing with a cane pole. My dad taught me how to fish. I guess fishing in my family is in our genes. I graduated to a Zebco rod and reel when I was about 11 years old. I didn’t own my own fishing equipment until the early 1980’s. I was on a hiking, and fishing trip, in upstate NY. That is where I saw my first fly angler. The beauty and grace of his cast, and the bonus that he caught fish, when we weren’t, really solidified my love for the whole fly fishing experience. I decided one day I would also fly fish. The past 5 to 7 years I have really increased my fishing arsenal. I didn’t realize that dream until January of 2008. I started tying flies during this exact time period. Fly tying is something I can do no matter what the weather is doing. I started out tying flies to try to save money. Tying quickly became an obsession for me. I love the beauty, and creative outlet it gives me. Nothing beats catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself though. That is a double bonus for me.


8 Responses to Kelly Lovelady

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  2. Loretta Parent says:

    Kelly I am sure that David Mac was very impressed and very honored to have such a beautiful fly named for him. Fantastic looking fly.

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  5. Kelly this fly is very beautiful and you have amazing talent. I look forward to seeing what else you have tied for this project.

  6. Alan says:

    In agreement with David

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  8. David Mac says:

    Very nice to be reminded of your story Kelly. If you can accomplish the level of tying that you now have in just 3 short years, we are all in for a treat in the future.

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