Another Giveaway on Facebook!

With the success of the first fly given away, we though it would be a great idea to do it again.

We had over 100 people “like” our page within the first 24 hours and were quite happy to give Dan Despres the Light Blueback Streamer for his collection. Dan also happens to be an ace fly tyer, and has signed up to share a few patterns for the Streamers365 project!

The next giveaway will be a Carrie Stevens pattern called the Judge @ 250 likes and for 500 likes we will be giving away another Carrie Stevens pattern, the Lady Killer. We will choose the winners randomly again, and to be eligible, you just need to Like the page. You can help us get to 250 and 500 quicker by sharing the contest with your network. Just stop by our new Facebook page and click the like button to be entered!

Lady Killer - Pattern by Carrie Steven, tied by Darren MacEachern

Lady Killer - Pattern by Carrie Steven, tied by Darren MacEachern

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Streamers365 on Facebook and a giveaway!

Just a quick update on the project. We’ve now got over 100 of the flies received to post on the blog. I can tell, it’s going to be spectacular and a very busy year for me. I’ve just set-up our facebook page, and once we hit 100 “likes” on the page, I’ll be drawing a name to receive a Light Blueback Streamer, a variation of Leslie K Hilyard’s Blueback Streamer. It’s tied on an antique Allcock 1810 hook, #2. These hooks are quite hard to come by. Just stop by our new Facebook page and click the like button to be entered!


Light Blueback Streamer

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Golden Darter

While we are waiting for the new year (I know, it’s a long way away) we thought it would be a good idea to test out our ebay account and put up a listing. You can click the link below to check out the Golden Darter tied by Darren MacEachern. We will likely present a few streamers like this before the official start, and of course, proceeds will be put towards the donations for the 6 organizations we will be supporting.

Golden Darter – Darren MacEachern

Golden Darter - Darren MacEachern

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New Hooks Added

Just a quick update on the hook reference section. We’ve added Bergman Yellow Label, Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer 10xl, and the Gamakatsu Russian River hook profiles. I’ve got lots more to post, and I am still looking for a few hooks. You can see the newest profiles here –

Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer Hook Profile

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Hook References

We have just added a streamer hook reference page on the site. We’ll be adding hooks over the coming months, but here is a sneak preview of what is in store.

Mustad 3665A Hook Profile

We are currently looking for additional hooks to add to the resource. If you have hooks that we do not list we would be interested in hearing from you. Please email us

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We want your Streamers!

Starting January 1, 2012, we’ll be presenting a new streamer each day. Yes, I know that is over a year away, but we want to get a good head start to make sure we fill up the entire year! Good news though, 2012 is a leap year, so there will be at least one bonus fly!

We are looking for contrubtions from you. If you have an original feather-wing streamer, or have a favorite you would like to share, tie it up, and write out a short explanation of the fly (origin, originator, where it fishes best etc.), recipe and send it to us. We will eventually be using the flies to raise some funds for several good causes. Or, suggest your favorite and we can tie and post it! We are looking for favorites from streamer greats like Bert Quimby, Carrie Stevens and Lew Oatman to name a few.

At the end of the year, we plan to compile a book of each fly presented with a portion of proceeds going to support groups in the fly fishing and fly tying community.

For tyers contributing, we also will need a short biography of yourself, a head shot and any notes you wish to include. For classic patterns, please contact us prior to submitting to check availability as we do not want to duplicate.

All inquires should be directed to

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