Tying Alberta Al’s The Canada Streamer

The Canada streamer is another pattern from streamer tyer Alan “Alberta Al” Grombacher. The Canada is Alan’s ode to the famous red and white daredevil spoon. It is also a fly tied to honour his adopted Country, Canada, which he loves dearly. The fly is a great streamer for mountain lakes and can be used as a casting streamer when tied on smaller sizes and as a trolling streamer in larger sizes.

#183 of the Streamers 365 project

The Canada Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: #6 Mustad 36808
Thread: White 210 d FWN
Tag: Silver flat tinsel
Body: Red floss/silk
Ribbing: Flat silver tinsel
Belly: Red bucktail
Throat: Red schlappen
Underwing: Peacock herl
Wing: 2 white hackles flanked by red hackles
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Red 6/0


Tying Alan Grombacher’s Maligne Special

The Maligne Laker’s red and olive wing is an absolute slammer for fishing mountain brook and rainbow trout. Alan “Alberta Al” Grombacher designed the fly for the hard hitting trout of Maligne Lake. Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada is home to Maligne Lake. The lake has the distinction of producing book trout in excess of 10lb and rainbows over 20lb.

#276 of the Streamers 365 project

Maligne Laker Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Mustad L87-3665a
Thread: Black 6/0
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Ribbing: Silver oval tinsel
Belly: Red bucktail
Throat: Red hackle fibers
Underwing: Peacock herl
Wing: 2 olive hackles flanked by grizzly dyed red
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black


Tying Carrie Stevens’ Shang’s Special

Shang’s Special is one of 3 streamer patterns named in honor of Charles E. Wheeler by Mrs. Stevens. I’ve put together a tutorial on how I tie this streamer including how I assemble the wing. This is a unique streamer in that the wing is made from a large jungle cock nail rather than a hackle. Hope that you like this and I hope to bring more down the road.

Shang’s Special Rangeley Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer 6xl
Thread: Black
body: Flat silver tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Underwing: 6 strands peacock herl
Wing: 2 complete jungle cock nails
Shoulder: Red hen or duck
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Red (red with black band)


Rocky Mountain Tadpole Tied by Darren MacEachern

Darren ties the Rocky Mountain Tadpole during a live Youtube tying demo. Below are some shortcut links to various parts of the fly if you want to skip ahead. The video is on the long side at 50 minutes, but covers the assembly of the Rangeley / Stevens style fly from start to finish. The fly is not as fully dressed as a Gray Ghost, but includes many of the steps required to tie Carrie Stevens fly patterns including the assembly of the streamer wing separate from the fly.

Start of the fly: https://youtu.be/6RZ1QH2IESo?t=5m33s
Tying in the belly: https://youtu.be/6RZ1QH2IESo?t=21m02s
Constructing the wing: https://youtu.be/6RZ1QH2IESo?t=24m26s
Tying on the wing: https://youtu.be/6RZ1QH2IESo?t=42m35s
Finishing the head: https://youtu.be/6RZ1QH2IESo?t=44m25s

#298 – Rocky Mountain Tadpole (2012)

Rocky Mountain Tadpole Streamer Recipe

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer hook #1 10xl
Thread: White flat waxed nylon
Tag: Gold embossed tinsel
Body: Olive floss
Ribbing: Gold embossed tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: Orange hackle fibers followed by grizzly olive hackle fibers
Wing: 2 orange hackles flanked by olive grizzly hackle
Shoulder: Reeves pheasant body feather
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

#298 Rocky Mountain Tadpole - Darren MacEachern
#298 Rocky Mountain Tadpole – Darren MacEachern


Tying the Black Ghost Marabou

The Black Ghost Marabou is a simple to tie fly that is a killer on both lake and stream. The Black Ghost has it’s roots in Maine’s Rangeley region and was designed by the famous fly tyer Herb Welch back in the 1920’s. The original Black Ghost is one of the most popular and well known streamers and has spawned a number of variations. The original streamer that Herb developed was tied using a white saddle hackle wing. This marabou version is a great addition to the lineup and compliments the bucktail and hackle versions. The marabou version has become a staple in many streamer wallets for good reason. This pattern is a little easier to tie and the action of the marabou wing differs from that of the bucktail or hackle wing. Tie smaller sizes #6 or smaller, for casting and larger sizes for trolling. This is a great fly pattern to cast after ice out and during the summer it makes a perfect fly to troll with.

#1 Black Ghost 365 Series
Eunan Hendron’s Black Ghost
Don Soar’s Polar Bear Black Ghost

Dubbing tutorial – https://youtu.be/paQSyTxRyTI
Tool tutorial – https://youtu.be/yr9oD_wT4Ec

Black Ghost Marabou Recipe

Hook: Mustad L87 #2-8
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Yellow Schlappen base
Body: Black wool or Laser Dubbing
Rib: Silver oval tinsel or flat braid
Wing: White marabou
Throat: Yellow Schlappen base
Head: Black
Eyes: White w/ black pupil (paint)


Tying the Edson Dark Tiger Bucktail Streamer

The Edson Dark Tiger is a pattern developed by Bill Edson of Portland, Maine. The bucktail streamer is great for the NE landlocked salmon, brook trout, bass and other game species. The streamer is tied on a long 5xl hook with Edson’s signature gold metal cheeks otherwise known as Edson Eyes. If you are unable to find these eyes, a small jungle cock nail tied in short is a good substitute.

The Edson Dark Tiger is a companion fly to the Edson Light Tiger. These 2 patterns were inspired by the Dick’s Killer Bucktail fly pattern designed by Dick Eastman of Groveton, NH.

Edson Dark Tiger Bucktail Streamer Recipe

Hook: Mustad L87 #2-8
Thread: Yellow 6/0
Tail: Yellow Schlappen
Body: Yellow chenille
Wing: Brown section of yellow dyed bucktail
Throat: Red schlappen
Eyes: Edson eye or jungle cock nail
Head: Yellow


Larry Leight Streamers on Auction

There are currently more than 20 of Larry Leight’s streamers up for auction on Ebay. Ebay user Vanderbeck29 has this series of flies listed. Most of the streamers are Carrie Stevens patterns, but in the mix are a few of Larry’s original patterns and a Tom Fawcett pattern. Happy bidding.

Larry Leight Bell's Whiskey Streamer
Larry Leight Bell’s Whiskey Streamer
Purple Streak (Tom Fawcett) streamer tied by Larry Leight
Purple Streak (Tom Fawcett) streamer tied by Larry Leight
Ancient Chattan streamer Larry Leight
Ancient Chattan streamer Larry Leight

New Updated Streamer Hook Selection on FlyHooks.org

A while back, I sent a bunch of streamer hooks from my collection over to Håvard Eide, the man behind flyhooks.org. If you have not checked out the site before, I recommend browsing the vast collection of hooks that Håvard has amassed over the years. The site features 30 brands of hooks thus far with close to 600 hook models represented. Here is a sample below of the Mike Martinek streamer hook.

Gaelic Supreme: Mike Martinek Carrie Stevens Rangeley streamer hook 10xl #1 on Flyhooks.org
Gaelic Supreme: Mike Martinek Carrie Stevens Rangeley streamer hook 10xl #1 on Flyhooks.org

While I do have a small streamer hook specific reference on the site here, I really love the project Håvard has put together. The hooks he includes on the site have a number of attributes measured and presented for each model and size. Each hook has measurements for the length, wire thickness, eye width, shank length, gape and throat. This makes it easy to compare hook models or hook sizes. The reference also lists attributes for the hooks. These include things like the color, barb and bend. Also included is a listing for similar hooks.

Håvard cross references the hooks with his partner site FlyTyer.org Patterns with the listed hooks are linked from the hook profile page. The site is still young, but I hope to see more patterns listed down the road.

He is always looking for new hooks to add to the archive. In particular new models of hooks and any gapes in sizes. If you can spare 2 hooks in a model/size and they do not appear on the site, consider donating them to the archive. The more hooks that have been catalogued, the better. It will be an invaluable tool for fly tyers in the years to come. Just use the feedback form on the site here to get in touch.

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