Submit Your Streamers to Streamers 365

Thanks for visiting the site and taking the time to check out the streamers. We have posted over 600 streamers to date, and are looking to add more.

Before you submit, take a look to see what streamers are already posted on the site. We would love to share your original patterns, interesting variations and classics (Streamers already in print) we haven’t already posted, there are many.

Be sure to send in your best work. The camera picks up some minute detail, and imperfections can show up more prevalent. While I do edit all the images for sharpness and some color correction they are not heavily photoshopped before being posted.

Feel free to send me any questions via email to

Package your streamers with a card or slip of paper which includes your name, the name of the pattern and the details of the hook you have used (model & size). When packing your streamers, be sure they are secure and will not be damaged in the mail.

While the original project has been completed, we will continue to photograph and post new streamers as time allows.

Send your streamers to:

Streamers 365
c/o Darren MacEachern
43 Thames Drive
Whitby, ON
L1R 2R1

Submitted flies will become a part of the collection. We may use these flies for fundraising or donations to the organizations we support. If you would like your flies returned we can accommodate the request.

Tie them long & keep a hook in your vise!

Darren MacEachern


4 Responses to Submit Your Streamers to Streamers 365

  1. I always appreciated your input and thank you for responding. I guess my memory isn’t as bad as I thought. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Darren. If my mind serves correctly, you were involved with Fly Source many years ago. Is it still available and running? I loved that program!

    • pacres says:

      Hi Howard

      I don’t think there is anything around anymore. It was a lot of code to keep up for one person (Kevin) and I think he had to shelf it. I was just thinking about it a couple days ago thinking how nice it would be to have it back for the modern tech.

      • Joel Stansbury says:

        I am still using Fly Source on a mchine running Windows 10. I have over 4500 patterns in it right now. I have tried sending the exe file, but none of my friends have been able to get it to install. Really a shame, right now I am saving the files as pdf’s and putting them in Dropbox for Larry Leight. Just trying to make sure the patterns survive for future generations of tyers.

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