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Smeltacular by Deryn LaCombe

Tied by: Deryn LaCombe Originated by: Deryn LaCombe Smeltacular streamer fly pattern recipe Hook: Mustad L87-3665A #4 Thread: Fluorescent red Tail: Hot pink hackle fibers Body: Pearl flat tinsel with an underbody of fluorescent red thread Rib: Silver wire Belly: … Continue reading

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#29-2013 – Improved Governor Aiken by Jon Harrang

Tied by: Jon Harrang Originated by: unknown Hook: Alec Jackson Blind Eye spey hook #6 8xl Thread: Black Benecchi 12/0 Tag: Silver oval tinsel Tail: 2 slim matching sections of barred wood duck flank Body: Silver flat tinsel Rib: Silver … Continue reading

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#83 – Kelly’s Killer

Tied by: Peter Simonson Originated by: Carrie G. Stevens Source: Carrie G. Stevens: Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies – Hilyard Pg. 75, 138 – 139 Hook: Edgar Sealey 1797B 1/0 Tag: Wide silver mylar tinsel Body: Orange … Continue reading

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#79 – Super Blue

Tied by: Mike Martinek Originated by: Mike Martinek Source: Streamer Fly Patterns for Trolling and Casting Vol. 1; Martinek pg. 31 Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer 8xl Thread: black Body: Flat silver tinsel Belly: tiny bunch of lavender … Continue reading

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#68 – Purple Smelt

Tied by: Glenn Peckel Originated by: Popularized by Ora Smith Source: Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon; Dick Stewart & Bob Leeman 1982 pg.81 Hook: Mustad 7948A #6/8 Body: Flourescent red floss Beads: On tandems flies place small cylindrical silver … Continue reading

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