Tuomas Iso-Ahola

Tuomas Iso-Ahola
Tuomas Iso-Ahola

Tuomas’s Streamers

Black Inspector - Tuomas Iso-Ahola
Black Inspector – Tuomas Iso-Ahola
Undulaatti - Tuomas Iso-Ahola
Undulaatti – Tuomas Iso-Ahola

Tuomas’s Biography

I was born in Kalmari (Saarijärvi, Finland) 1983. My fishing history began when I was four years old. My father took me with him to fish with a hook and worm. In 2005 I started to fly fish and was instantly ”hooked”. Fly fishing is my lifestyle and my favorite places to fish are the rivers.

The first place I fished was the river Konttijoki in the village of Mahlu. The river is a challenge to fish, but even more so for a beginner because of limited space for a backcast. I tied my first flies in 2006, starting with the basic stuff like woolly buggers and small streamers. Timo Leinonen taught me the fly tying basics. Then over the years I admired Harri Lehtonen’s and Rane Olsen’s work with Rangeley style streamers and decided to give it a try myself. Harri and Rane have given me so much information about featherwing streamer tying techniques. Tying classic streamers is my way to honor the history of fly fishing and tying, but I also like to develop my own patterns.

You can also visit Tuomas’s Streamer Blog, and keep tabs on his most current streamers.



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