Donald Bruce Soar – 1963 – 2014

I was shocked and saddened today to learn about our friend Don Soar passing away. Rest well dear friend.

Don Soar - Dedicated angler and fly tyer

Don Soar – Dedicated angler and fly tyer

Don was a huge part of the Streamers 365 project and we will miss miss him dearly. He was truly one of friendliest people behind the vise. Who can forget the epic series of streamers Don developed to honour the NFL. He also developed some other beautiful streamers, his Kokanee Sunrise being one of my favourite. Don Soar passed away suddenly on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the age of 51. He will be missed dearly.

Donald Bruce Soar – October 8th, 1963 – October 18th, 2014

Condolences and remembrances can be left here – Don Soar


Hooks and Streamers

If the Farmer’s Almanac holds any truth, we’re in for a cold winter. Thankfully there have been quite a few nice hooks and flies on Ebay for those of us looking to twist away the dull days of winter.

I’ve been tying on some beautiful Edgar Sealey & Sons hooks for some of my shorter (6xl) streamers. The Edgar Sealey& Sons #1762.B, are a heavy wire 6xl or 7xl hook with a round bend. There are currently a couple sizes available, #1, #2 and #2/0.

Edgar Sealey & Sons 1762B A Hook Profile

Edgar Sealey & Sons 1762B A Hook Profile

There is also a beautiful box of much coveted Mustad 36808 #8 8xl. They feature a slick limerick bend on heavy wire and an 8xl profile with a looped back down eye. The bend back makes a nice platform for hackle stems on featherwing streamers.

Mustad 36808 Hook Profile

Mustad 36808 Hook Profile

A friend of the Streamers365 project, Lance Allaire has posted a great set of Carrie Stevens patterns. Lance posts under flash-101 on Ebay and has been posting some wonderfully built streamers every so often. This offering includes Indian Rock, Davis Special, Kelly’s Killer and Jenny Lind.

Indian Rock (Carrie Stevens) tied by Lance Allaire

Indian Rock (Carrie Stevens) tied by Lance Allaire

Another streamer tyer I’ve had eyes on for the past while is Stan Williams who sells his flies under swil7029 on Ebay. Stan has been on a tear tying up some originals and a box full of Carrie Stevens streamers. You may soon be his streamers at the Rangeley Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum on sale alongside the Carrie Stevens originals the gift shop has for sale. He has tackled the classic such as the Grey Ghost and the iconic Golden Witch.

Golden Witch (Carrie Stevens) tied by Stan Williams

Lastly we have fly tyer Sam Kenney who has been busy creating some original patterns. He has a slick trio of original patterns on auction this week. He is offering Unmaned patterns, and we are hoping to see more soon.

Unnamed tied by Sam Kenney

Unnamed tied by Sam Kenney

Don’t forget to check out some of the other regular tyers and bookmark their ebay pages. If you didn’t catch the end of the Carrie Stevens originals that were on auction last week, they all ended up selling in the $1400-1500 range. Not bad for a few on feathers and a hook. The rest of the collection also fetched handsome sum and I hope to see more like it down the road. Happy Bidding.

A Cache of Carrie Stevens and Bert Quimby Flies

For anyone who has been searching for a few vintage flies from the likes of Carrie Stevens and Bert Quimby, there is some wonderful news. Ebay seller xennifer has stumbled upon a treasure of 16 carded Bert Quimby streamers, 5 carded Carrie Stevens streamers as well as a couple from Emile Letourneau and Wendell Folkins.

The Carrie Stevens patterns include a couple Austie's Specials, Red Streak, Black Ghost and a Wizard (incorrectly identified as Lizard).

Austie's Special – Carrie Stevens

The Bert Quimby collection offers up some of the most classic Quimby streamers including the Lady Ghost, Green Ghost, York's Kennebago and Dusty streamer.

Happy Bidding.

A Bonanza for the Streamer Collector

It’s been a while since I’ve posted flies up on Ebay, and this week has seen a number of great offerings from some of the regulars and a few new offerings. Here is a short list of some of the streamers up for grabs.

First up is Larry Leight who has been putting up a steady streamer of beautiful work over the past few years. You can find his current selection at lk4leight on Ebay. Check out Larry’s nod to Lew Oatman in the streamer Lew.

Lew – An original streamer by Larry Leight
Lew - An original streamer by Larry Leight

Another one to watch is from a young up and comer who sells under honker1965 on Ebay. This 15 year old tyer has a future in many collections, and I’ve watched over the past couple years and have seen the streamers improve by leaps and bounds. You can check out the streamers they have up now including the classic Carrie Stevens America streamer pattern.


America - Stevens

I’ve also added a few of my own streamers this week. I have a mix of a couple classic Carrie Stevens patterns as well as a couple from the pages of Streamers 365. The Horace Hazard streamer is one of my favourites.

#163 Horace Hazard - Darren MacEachern

Another tyer who has recently started offering streamers in Alan Emery selling Carrie Stevens patterns under hisgrace on Ebay. Mezger’s Special is one of the Carrie Stevens patterns Alan has been tying up for offer.

Mezger's Special - Alan Emery

Streamers 365 contributor Alan Petrucci who goes under uppahdam, has also put up a couple streamers on Ebay. You can find one of Alan’s beautiful originals up for grabs.

Alan Petrucci streamer


Lastly, anyone in the market for some vintage Allcock hook should have a look through the current offering. There are a few rare offerings including some Allcock W212 (6xl) hooks and 2811 (8xl) hooks. Happy bidding!

Scott Murdock Streamer Collection 2014

Scott Murdock Streamers

We welcome Scott back again to share several of his wonderful series of flies. This collection features four smaller collections, or sampler sets of flies, each based on colours selected by the important women in his life. The idea of the sampler set started with Scott’s Tartan series. Each fly in the series may be tied in a number of different styles such as Spey, Atlantic Salmon, Irish Shrimp or traditional wet winged trout flies so long as it adheares to the colour combination set by Scott.

The patterns presented below have become known as the “Chic” flies. These are patterns that reflect the various color schemes from the women in Scott’s life. They are Gina, Tammy, Karen, and Amy and Amanda whom happened to both choose the same colours.

Scott’s wife Gina, came up with sophisticated combination of blue yellow and black. It is a nice combination that works quite well for the married wing salmon fly. As a testament to its appeal, it was featured on Phil Castelman’s site for quite sometime. It translates well into the Rangeley streamer, hair wing and Spey effortlessly.

Tammy Burgess, a noted cowboy artist and Scott’s original framer, came up with the combination of black, claret and green. This selection is a reflection of her critical artist’s eye for colour, and makes for a real fish getting theme.

Karen is a girlfriend from the past, but one who has remained a good friend and a favorite skiing buddy. Karen decided on a blue and silver mix, leaving the rest up to Scott. A set of the Karen flies still lives at her house.

Amy and Amanda come from two places but have united in their choice of colour of pink and purple. Amy is a former fly tying student and now teaches fly tying along side Scott at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Amanda is a friend of a friend, and we’ll leave it at that. The combination has a strong feminine line and no doubt the fall run of Alaskan anadromous will lend a lip to prove its allure.

Scott notes that morphing these basic color ideas into several different styles is an interesting project, but lead to the conclusion that not every pattern worked with all the styles. The patterns below are the styles that Scott felt worked best with each of the combinations.

Thanks Scott for sharing your streamers with us.

Click the images below for larger images and fly recipes.

Gina's Fly series by Scott Murdock

Gina’s Fly series by Scott Murdock

Tammy's Fly series by Scott Murdock

Tammy’s Fly series by Scott Murdock

Karen's Fly series by Scott Murdock

Karen’s Fly series by Scott Murdock

Amy Amanda Fly series by Scott Murdock

Amy Amanda’s Fly series by Scott Murdock

scott_murdockScott Murdock- – I started tying flies in the 80’s and it wasn’t long before I made a visit to The American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester VT to visit a family rod that was displayed there. I noticed the Atlantic Salmon Fly plates that were then on display. Realizing that I actually had an idea of how these things were constructed (yet knowing that I had a lot to learn) I drank the proverbial “Kool-aid” and embarked on the process of learning to tye display patterns.
[visit Scott’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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