Streamers 365 Volume 1-3 Now Available as Trade Edition

Good News!

It may have taken quite a while, but trade editions are finally complete and available online now. The new editions feature all of the same content as the photo books, but are printed on industry standard paper to make the books more affordable. The 10 x 8 trade editions start at $39.99 CA (less expensive in $U.S.) compared to $57.99 for the photo paper editions. Just click the links below to order. Save 25% when you purchase three or more books with code:EASYGIFTS or save 20% on orders with code:WRAPUP. (expires Dec 16, 2014). Stay tuned for news on Volume 4 coming 2015.

Streamers 365 Volume 1 Pattern #1-122 By Darren MacEachern

Streamers 365 Volume 1 Pattern #1-122 By Darren MacEachern

Streamers 365 volume 2

Streamers 365 volume 2 patterns #123-244

Streamers 365 Volume 3

Streamers 365 Volume 3


Lloyd Lutes Streamers and WIllis & Sons Hooks

It was a welcome surprise to see a new set of streamers for sale on Ebay from noted Canadian tyer Lloyd Lutes. Not only does he tie a mean streamers, but he is also quite accomplished at tying fully dressed classics, of which there are a couple available to bid on from seller dropsamcolt on Ebay. The streamer offering includes a Silver Doctor, Green Ghost, Jenny Lind, Jenny Lind Custom and a pair of Austie’s Specials. The flies are beautifully tied and come signed with a case and are all available as a buy it now. I can’t imagine they will last long at the prices set. There is also a very rare set of #2 Willis & Sons 10xl streamer hooks. These are some really stunning hooks for tying Carrie Stevens streamers on. Keep an eye on them as they have been known to bid up to $10 per hook.

Lloyd Lutes – Silver Doctor

Lloyd Lutes Silver Doctor

Willis & Sons 10xl #2 streamer hook

Willis & Sons 10xl #2 streamer hook

Happy Bidding!

Streamers on Auction

I’m just back from the 2014 International Fly Tying Symposium in New Jersey with a couple new sets of streamers that will be posted in the upcoming months. It was really a great show for streamers and I had a chance to chat to a few new tyers we hope to see on the site next year.

Now, back to business, there are a ton of collectable streamers on auction this week. The perfect chance to grab a couple to help celebrate the turkey and yam holiday, and stay out of the stampeding herds expected shortly.

First up is a series of streamers from S365 tyer Eunan Hendron which includes many of the Ghost series streamers he had shared with the 2014 part of the project. You can check out the streamers on auction from Eunan’s ebay account addicted2vise.

Eunan Hendron 2014 Streamer Collection

Eunan Hendron 2014 Streamer Collection

A few streamers from Lance Allaire have also been posted.  Lance posts under flash-101 on Ebay and continues to offer a variety of Carrie Stevens patterns and original designs.

Lance Allaire - Pirate (Stevens)

Lance Allaire – Pirate (Stevens)

Stan Williams who sells his flies under swil7029 on Ebay has been quite busy at the vise tying a big selection of Carrie Stevens patterns on some traditional styled Mustad 3907A hooks. He also has a few other NE classics on sale and prides his tying on adhering to traditional methods.

Stan Williams - Golden Witch (Stevens)

Stan Williams – Golden Witch (Stevens)

Larry Leight (lk4leight) has a section of Carrie Stevens patterns and a sweet looking original called Fly Creek.

Larry Leight - Fly Creek

Larry Leight – Fly Creek

Lastly we have fly tyer Sam Kenney who lists his streamers under classicflies45 and has been busy creating some original patterns. His Sunshine Special is the only streamer on auction at the moment, but it is a beautiful one.

Sam Kenney - Sunshine Special

Sam Kenney – Sunshine Special

Happy Bidding!

Donald Bruce Soar – 1963 – 2014

I was shocked and saddened today to learn about our friend Don Soar passing away. Rest well dear friend.

Don Soar - Dedicated angler and fly tyer

Don Soar – Dedicated angler and fly tyer

Don was a huge part of the Streamers 365 project and we will miss miss him dearly. He was truly one of friendliest people behind the vise. Who can forget the epic series of streamers Don developed to honour the NFL. He also developed some other beautiful streamers, his Kokanee Sunrise being one of my favourite. Don Soar passed away suddenly on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the age of 51. He will be missed dearly.

Donald Bruce Soar – October 8th, 1963 – October 18th, 2014

Condolences and remembrances can be left here – Don Soar

Hooks and Streamers

If the Farmer’s Almanac holds any truth, we’re in for a cold winter. Thankfully there have been quite a few nice hooks and flies on Ebay for those of us looking to twist away the dull days of winter.

I’ve been tying on some beautiful Edgar Sealey & Sons hooks for some of my shorter (6xl) streamers. The Edgar Sealey& Sons #1762.B, are a heavy wire 6xl or 7xl hook with a round bend. There are currently a couple sizes available, #1, #2 and #2/0.

Edgar Sealey & Sons 1762B A Hook Profile

Edgar Sealey & Sons 1762B A Hook Profile

There is also a beautiful box of much coveted Mustad 36808 #8 8xl. They feature a slick limerick bend on heavy wire and an 8xl profile with a looped back down eye. The bend back makes a nice platform for hackle stems on featherwing streamers.

Mustad 36808 Hook Profile

Mustad 36808 Hook Profile

A friend of the Streamers365 project, Lance Allaire has posted a great set of Carrie Stevens patterns. Lance posts under flash-101 on Ebay and has been posting some wonderfully built streamers every so often. This offering includes Indian Rock, Davis Special, Kelly’s Killer and Jenny Lind.

Indian Rock (Carrie Stevens) tied by Lance Allaire

Indian Rock (Carrie Stevens) tied by Lance Allaire

Another streamer tyer I’ve had eyes on for the past while is Stan Williams who sells his flies under swil7029 on Ebay. Stan has been on a tear tying up some originals and a box full of Carrie Stevens streamers. You may soon be his streamers at the Rangeley Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum on sale alongside the Carrie Stevens originals the gift shop has for sale. He has tackled the classic such as the Grey Ghost and the iconic Golden Witch.

Golden Witch (Carrie Stevens) tied by Stan Williams

Lastly we have fly tyer Sam Kenney who has been busy creating some original patterns. He has a slick trio of original patterns on auction this week. He is offering Unmaned patterns, and we are hoping to see more soon.

Unnamed tied by Sam Kenney

Unnamed tied by Sam Kenney

Don’t forget to check out some of the other regular tyers and bookmark their ebay pages. If you didn’t catch the end of the Carrie Stevens originals that were on auction last week, they all ended up selling in the $1400-1500 range. Not bad for a few on feathers and a hook. The rest of the collection also fetched handsome sum and I hope to see more like it down the road. Happy Bidding.

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