#13 – The Maine Game Warden Streamer Fly

The Maine Game Warden Streamer - Charlie Mann

The Maine Game Warden Streamer - Charlie Mann

Tied by: Charles Mann
Originated by: Charles Mann
Source: davidfooter.com

Hook: VMC B-17 #2
Tag: Fine gold oval tinsel
Rib: Flat gold tinsel
Body: Two equal sections first section red floss, second section black floss
Throat: Red bucktail as long as the hook shank, followed by black hackle fibers
Wing: Peacock herl, two green saddle hackle inside of two black saddle hackles
Eyes: Jungle cock eyes
Cheeks: Very dark red indian crow substitute
Head: Black

Notes: The streamer was designed by Charlie Mann to pay homage to the Men and Women of the Maine State Game Warden post. The combination of colors are those that are found in the Maine Game Warden uniform.

Gold: Badge
Red: Dress/winter jacket and patch
Black: Boots belts and web gear
Green: Work uniform

Dave Georgia, Charles Mann and Ed Muzeroll had all gotten together, and Dave had the idea to create a fly for the Maine Game Warden Service. He asked Charles Mann to come up with a design and to prototype it. Charles went to work and designed an Atlantic Salmon fly in a traditional hairwing using the Maine Game Warden’s uniform colors. Ed then used those as the basis to design and tie the Maine Game Warden Fly in the full dressed salmon fly pattern which Charles doesn’t tie. As an off shoot of that Charles took the original design and converted the fly to a feather-wing streamer, the Maine Game Warden Streamer Fly.

You can view the whole story behind the fly on David Footer’s site – Catch and Release-The Maine Game Warden Fly

Charlie Mann Streamers Charlie Mann – I started tying fly’s after receiving a fly tying kit for Christmas in 1960, while stationed in Thule, Greenland. I’m self taught an have been tying for over 50 years. During the 50 years of tying I have tried to specialize in tying tandem and single hook streamers. Also I have developed a passion for tying Atlantic style salmon hair-wings. This has been a wonderful relaxing hobby for me. I have designed several streamer patterns, and many hair-wing patterns.
[visit Charlie’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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5 Responses to #13 – The Maine Game Warden Streamer Fly

  1. pacres says:

    If anyone is interested in a copy of the Catch and Release artwork by David Footer, featuring the Maine Game Warden streamer, check here – http://davidfooter.com/?df_product=catch-release-2

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  3. Monte Smith says:

    Striking fly! Just a beautiful blend of colors. Will be tying some of these.

  4. Gary says:

    Going to tie one tonight thanks

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