#356 – Lion Streamer

#356 Lion Streamer - Davie McPhail

#356 Lion Streamer – Davie McPhail

Tied by: Davie McPhail
Originated by: Davie McPhail

Hook: Partridge CS15 #2
Thread: Black 6/0
Tag: Gold flat braid
Body: Mixed earth tone wool (brown, cream, tan)
Rib: Gold flat braid
Belly: Dyed yellow bucktail, use the dark side of the tail to get the brown yellow mix followed by golden pheasant crest
Wing: 2 sunburst yellow hackles flanked by Chinese cock ginger or Cree hackle
Collar: Black hackle
Cheek: Dyed sunburst golden pheasant rump feather
Topping: Peacock herl
Eye: Jungle cock dyed yellow
Head: Gold flat tinsel and black

Notes: The Lion Streamer is the other half of a pair of streamers Davie tied for the project. The Lion Streamer is a golden compliment to Davie’s silver flecked Lioness Streamer. Bother pattern feature rich earthy tones with muted sunburst dyed feathers. Davie credits his better half for naming the duo. Davie’s Lioness Streamer was featured back in November as streamer #323.

Davie McPhailDavie McPhail – I live in the south west of Scotland where I grew up, the best known rivers in the area are the Stinchar, the Nith, Girvan and the river Doon where I was a ghillie. I didn’t really start fly fishing until I was twenty just after I got married my fly tying started at much the same time. When I was learning to cast I lost many a fly up a tree and broke the hook of the fly on stones on my back cast so learning to tye flies was at first to compensate for this but as I got into the tying and catching fish with the flies that I tyed I found it as much fun as fishing . 29 years on I’m just as enthusiastic about tying flies and fly-fishing as I was then.
You can watch Davie tying on his Youtube page.
[visit Davie’s streamer page]

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8 Responses to #356 – Lion Streamer

  1. Greg says:

    How do you dye jungle cock?

  2. Yagya Gaire says:

    Looks beautiful…. like rest of yours work.

  3. Miriam says:

    this is great work!!

  4. Awesome work…I can tell the fish are in trouble with this one.

  5. Kelly L says:

    Brilliant work, beautiful.

  6. Mike Boyer says:

    Beautiful fly and tying, Davie.

  7. Jim Bennett says:

    Another beauty Davie, as with the lioness,i can see why it got it`s name…

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