#366 – Acid Drop Brookie 512 N.P.

#366 Acid Drop Brookie - Val Kropiwnicki
#366 Acid Drop Brookie – Val Kropiwnicki

Tied by: Val Kropiwnicki
Originated by: Val Kropiwnicki

Hook: Ronn Lucas Noble C #2 xxl
Thread: Red 8/0
Tip: Red thread
Tag: Gold oval tinsel
Tail: Aaron Ostoj Quetzal substitute and red weaver
Body: Tied in 5 sections rear to front; gold oval tinsel, black floss, gold oval tinsel, insect green floss, Aaron Ostoj Quetzal substitute
Rib: Gold oval tinsel over the black floss and silver flat tinsel over the insect green floss
Throat: Married sections of orange, black and white turkey quill
Upper Wing Assembly: 26 ga acid etched nickel sheet
Shoulder: Orange badger hackle
Topping: Golden pheasant crest
Head: Red

Notes: Val insists he didn’t take any illicit drugs when he concocted this masterpiece. The Acid Drop Brookie is an artful tribute to the storied brook trout. Val uses an acid etched nickel silver sheet to create the magnificent pair of wings for the fly. The wings are tied in at the head of the fly as per tradition, but a riser riveted to the wing was required to keep it steady. The etching on the nickel mimics the pattern found on the brook trout. The throat pays homage to the classic Trout Fin patterns with a married slip of orange, black and white. All of this is placed on one of Ronn Lucas’ handmade hooks, a work of art in and of itself. Be sure to have a close look to admire the craftsmanship put into this truly amazing streamer.

So, sadly, this last streamer brings us to the end of the Streamers 365 project. It has been an amazing year of streamers. Thank you all for taking part and we will see more in the new year. Cheers to 2013!

Val Kropiwnicki Val Kropiwnicki – I have been making art, mostly functional steel, for over 25 years now but it has been in the last 3 years that I finally figured out how to combined my 2 passions – fly fishing and metal sculpture. With my artistic tying I try to create forms that hark to the history of the craft yet strive toward itโ€™s future.
VK Steelworks
[visit Val’s streamer page on Streamers 365]



  1. A big thanks to everyone for all the great comments. It’s been quite a year with the project, and I’m glad to be keeping it going into 2013, and perhaps 2014. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tie them long.

  2. Darren, First, thanks for letting me be part of this project. Second, thanks for all your work in bringing streamers back up front, not only as a fishing tool with significant history and charm, but also as an art form worthy of the materials, color and design choices and skill so many brought forth for this project. Hats off to all you guys and gals too!

    Like JK says above,I’ve also learned a lot from this site this year – for that thanks all. Happy Healthy New Year!

    1. Val, it was a real pleasure to be able to include your streamers in the project. I wanted to finish with a big fly and this certainly fit the bill. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful and Stunning display of Artistic Craftsmanship Val.
    Congratulation Darren on a Successful Streamer Project!
    It was like Xmas every day…to open the site and see new Surprise!

    Happy New Years!!

  4. Val, your creations have always been so beautiful. This one is another work of art. Truly inspirational. I love the whole thing, including the color choices, and name.

  5. Thank you for an amazing 366 days, Darren, and all the other tyers who contributed to the S365 Project. Without your commitment of time and effort, this never would have been realized. As a new/returning tyer, I’ve been able to learn so much through the S365 Project, and I’m very thankful to all of you.

  6. Congratulations on achieving your vision of Streamers 365! You put in a ton of work and had great support from the ‘streamers’ community – what an exciting year for everyone involved. And now we’ll see what you have up your sleeve for 2013….

  7. Excellent way to end the year! Val – this miniature sculpture really captures the essence of the brookie – or at least in the mind of the fish itself, defender of its stream, eater of caddis flies and nymphs.

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