Volume 2 Now Available for Pre-order

Volume 2 is just days away from being released. I’d like to offer pre-orders for volume. I will sign each copy that is pre-ordered. The book will ship out early February before it is officially released. The artwork on the cover of volume 2 was designed by Joel DeJong of A year on the Fly. Joel used Davie McPhail’s Bloody Mary Streamer as the model.

Streamers 365 volume 2

Streamers 365 volume 2

Volume 2 includes streamers from Alan (Al) Grombacher, Alan Petrucci, Barry Phillips, Bill Chandler, Bob (Robert) Frandsen, Bob Petti, Bryant Freeman, Dave Lomasney, Eunan Hendron, Dan Despres, David Mac (McDonnell), Don Bastian, Don Ordes, Davie McPhail, Don Soar, Dwayne Miller, Glenn Peckel, Jim Warner, Joel Stansbury, Jon Harrang, Kelly Lovelady, Ken Craigue Jr., Marcelo Morales, Mike Boyer, Mike Martinek Jr., Monte Smith, Peggy Brenner, Michael Decoteau, Peter Simonson, Robbie Hiltz, Robert Galante, Ryan Houston, Seline Dumaine, Steve Labrecque, Ted Patlen, Gary Fraser, Cory Koenig, Tony Smith and Darren MacEachern.

Volume 2 in Canadian Funds

Book Format

Volume 2 in United States Funds

Book Format

Volume 1 & 2

Volume 1 & 2 in Canadian Funds

Book Format

Volume 1 & 2 in United States Funds

Book Format

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3 Responses to Volume 2 Now Available for Pre-order

  1. pacres says:

    Thanks Joel. I see what I did. I’ll fix it up in a few minutes.

  2. joel stansbury says:

    Darren, I already have Vol1, it won’t let me buy just volume 2. Something wrong!When I choose BUY it always says Vol1 & 2.please check it out.
    Thanksm, Joel

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